Yearbook Picture Mosaics
Have customized Picture Mosaics created for your school yearbook!

(Close-up of the above globe mosaic)

What image could say ‘We are the proud students of _____ School!’ better than a customized picture mosaic? Whether being used on the cover, or as artwork inside the layout, our stunning picture mosaics will be sure to enrich every yearbook.

As the popularity of picture mosaics continues to expand into a wide spectrum of graphics media, Infinite Image has distinguished itself by pushing this art form’s boundaries and standards of excellence. We offer each school the ultimate level of customization and quality. Every school can supply its own main picture (e.g. school mascot, name, logo, etc.) for their mosaics, as well as its own collection of photographs that are used as tiles to create the mosaic. You can even order many different special effects (e.g. 3-D effects like the globe, compositing, etc.). And if you choose, you can have your picture mosaics created from our own photo collections, which contain many subject matters to choose from.

Our customized mosaics will go perfectly with any yearbook theme or design. Infinite Image's goal is to deliver a beautiful artwork in which students can find themselves and their school spirit.

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